• How do I open a wholesale account with you?


Get in touch with one of our sales associates by using the Contact Form on our website and we will reach out to you with information and applications to open an account with us. 

  • What documents will I need to provide to open a wholesale account with you?


You will need to fill out our New Account Application Form and provide the Resale Certificate, Seller’s Permit and IRS document that shows EIN number or US Federal Tax ID Certificate 

  • How long before my application gets approved? 


Typically, it might take up to a week for our management team to review and approve your wholesale application. Once your application has been approved and the wholesale account is open and activated, you will be able to begin the ordering process.

  • I am a seller on Amazon, can I open an account with you?


Yes, we sell to retail stores, E-commerce, businesses, and third-party marketplace sellers (Amazon, Ebay, etc.)

  • What is your minimum purchase requirement (MOQ/MOV) and when do I make the payment? 


We require $1,500 minimum per order and you are required to pay the full final invoice amount within 5 days of the invoiced date. Once we have received the payment, we will then begin the processing of your order. 

  • Do you provide Label and Prep services and can you ship directly to Amazon Warehouses for me? 


Yes, we offer full-service prep and label for Amazon sellers and we can ship to the nearest Amazon fulfillment centers, that way you can save on shipping cost by generating your discounted shipping label provided by Amazon. Prep and label pricings are on our catalog.

  • How frequently do you update your catalog?


We update our product whenever the Manufacturers change their prices, daily as needed. We also add in new products sometimes every month. 

  • Which payment methods do you accept? 


We take Wire transfers and ACH transfers ONLY. Starting from June 14, 2023, we no longer accept Zelle as a method of payment due to recurring issues.